ALL OPPO & Realme Scatter Firmware

 ALL OPPO & Realme Scatter Firmware

Download the All Models Oppo Realme Scatter Flash File/Stock ROM (Firmware) from here. the given file is in Scatter File using MTK Flashtool (SP Flashtool)Without Auth | Remove Pattern Unlock & Frp Bypass dead boot repair hang on logo...


OPPO-Realme Spflash Tool And DA file
SP_Flash_Tool-Oppo-Realme.rar / Google Drive
password: gsmVNtool
MCT MTK Bypass Tool Rev4 / Download

MTK auth Bypass V7 Support New CPU :  Download
password: gsmVNtool

Mtk Auth Bypass V12 New 5G cpu : Download

MTK Auth Bypass V24 / Download




A1K CPH1923

CPH1923EX_11_A.38_Scatter.rar / Google Drive

A5S CPH1909-CPH1912

CPH1912EX_11_A.34_191209_3c30b5de.rar / Google Drive
CPH1909EX_11_A.34_191209.rar / Google Drive


PADM00_11_A.29_190705_347e3b25.rar / Google Drive

A31 CPH2015

CPH2015EX_11_A.45_201007.rar / Google Drive

A7x PBBM00

PBBM00_11_A.13_190719_00b71eb8.rar / Google Drive

A8 2019 PDBM00

PDBM00_11_A.10_191211_4c5f51d2.rar / Google Drive

A9 CPH1938

CPH1938EX_11_A.43_200325.rar / Google Drive

A12 CPH2083

CPH2083EX_11_A.49_201126__PPR1.180610.011__CPH2083.rar / Google Drive
CPH2083EX_11_A.45.rar / Google Drive / AFH
Password : gsmVNtool

A15 CPH2185

CPH2185PU_11_A.11_201114_15e73e4e.rar / Google Drive

A15S CPH2179
CPH2179PU_11_A.17_201228_8cedfeaf.rar / Google Drive

A54 CPH2239

CPH2239PU_11_A.07_210417_62713da5.rar / Google Drive
CPH2241_11_A.11.rar / Google Drive / AFH / Password : Here

A55 4G CPH2325

CPH2325_11_A.08_Scatter.rar / Download

A91 CPH2001 / CPH2021 / PCPM00

CPH2001EX_11_A.39_200818_d6486667.rar / Google Drive
CPH2021_11_F.61.rar / Google Drive / AFH
PCPM00_11_F.14-Scatter.rar / Google Drive / AFH / Google Drive / AFH

F11 CPH1911

CPH1911_11_A.22_190707.rar / Google Drive
CPH1911EX_11_C.37.rar / Google Drive / AFH 

Password : gsmVNtool

F11 Pro CPH1969-CPH1987

CPH1969EX_11_A.35_190708.rar / Google Drive
CPH1987_11_F.17.rar / Google Drive / AFH

F17 Pro CPH2119

CPH2119PU_11_A.25_201013_011a4220.rar / Google Drive

F15 CPH2001

CPH2001EX_11_A.31_200402_8b9df4fb.rar / Google Drive

F19 Pro CPH2285

CPH2285_11_A.19_202103060944.rar / Google Drive

F9 CPH1823-CPH1825 / Google Drive (Password : mrtokey)
CPH1825_11_A.20_191026_eafc720e.rar / Google Drive

F5 CPH1723

CPH1723_11_A.36_190604.rar / Google Drive

F5 Youth CPH1725

CPH1725_11_A.39_190924_21e8c378.rar / Google Drive

F7 CPH1819

CPH1819EX_11_A.43_200103_12a881bc.rar / Google Drive

F7 Youth CPH1859

CPH1859_11_A.32_191016_795a8c48.rar / Google Drive

F3/A77 CPH1609

CPH1609EX_11_A.18_170928.rar / Google Drive


Reno 2 F CPH1989

CPH1989EX_11_A.19_200727.rar / Google Drive

Reno 2 Z CPH1945

CPH1945EX_11_A.18_191227_98d1bc6e.rar / Google Drive

Reno 3 CPH2043

CPH2043_11_A.07_200223_e946fde3.rar / Google Drive

Reno 3 Pro CPH2035

CPH2035PU_11_A.06_200215_8defc976.rar / Google Drive

Oppo Reno 5 Pro 5G

CPH2201_11_A.06_202101272245.rar / Google Drive

Realme Scatter Firmware

Realme 1 CPH1859

Realme_1_CPH1859_11_A.32_191016.rar / Google Drive

Realme U1 RMX1831

RMX1831EX_11_C.21_200915.rar / Google Drive
RMX1831EX_11_C.22_201118_3bcb8039.rar / Google Drive / Google Drive

Realme C2 RMX1941-RMX1945

RMX1941EX_11_A.29_200905.rar / Google Drive
RMX1945EX_11_A.29_200905.rar / Google Drive

Realme C3i RMX2027

RMX2027_11_A.49_201102.rar / Google Drive

Realme C3 RMX2020

RMX2020_11_A.49_201102_e9b02617.rar / Google Drive

Realme 3 RMX1821- RMX1822 - RMX1823 - RMX1825 - RMX1826

RMX1821EX_11_A.23_190916_e862970e.rar / Google Drive
RMX1825EX_11_C.17_201117_cb5665f2.rar / Google Drive
RMX1821EX_11_C.19_210117_cb2881a9.rar / Google Drive / Google Drive

Realme 7 RMX2151

RMX2151PU_11_A.53_200925_22abfaae.rar / Google Drive

Realme 6 / 6s RMX2001

RMX2001_11_B.49_201104_2c2705cb.rar / Google Drive

Realme 6i RMX2040

RMX2040_11_A.37_201215.rar / Google Drive

Realme X7 RMX2176

RMX2176PU_11_A.13_210118_d83b4552.rar / Google Drive

Realme C11 RMX2185

RMX2185_11_A.69_200812.rar / Google Drive
RMX2185_11.A.83.rar / Google Drive

Realme C12 RMX2184-RMX2185-RMX2186-RMX2180-RMX2189

RMX2185_11_A.85_210205.rar / Google Drive

Realme C15 RMX2180

RMX2180_11_A.69_200812.rar / Google Drive
RMX2186_11_A.63_200709.rar / Google Drive

Realme C20 RMX3061

RMX3061PU_11_A.17_210104_dbadb56a.rar / Google Drive

Realme C21 (RMX3201)

RMX3201_11_A.39 Scatter / Google Drive / AFH

Realme Narzo 20 RMX2191-RMX2193

RMX2193_RMX2191_11_A.25_210120.rar / Google Drive

Realme Narzo 10 RMX2040-RMX2041-RMX-2042

Narzo 10_RMX2041_RMX2042_RMX2040_11_A.37_201215_4b2ca404.rar / Google Drive

Realme Narzo 30A RMX3171

RMX3171_11_A.11_210130.rar / Google Drive

Realme C25s RMX3197

RMX3197_11_A.08_202106080.rar / Google Drive

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