My Poco M3 completely died after newest MIUI update

My Poco M3 completely died after newest MIUI update

Hi. I got my new Poco M3 around a week ago. After unpacking I updated my MIUI to the newest version 12.07.0. Today I received another update notification so I updated it again, it was version 12.08.0. The problem is that while updating my phone completely bricked itself. The update was around 70% and my phone was fully charged. Now I can not turn it on and it doesn't react to the power from the charger as well. I have never seen anything like it and I am scared what to do. It's hard to believe but did anyone experience anything similar? What should I do now? I can send the phone back to the shop within 14 days without specifying the reason but the phone is literally bricked.

Edit: after 5 mins of waiting while being plugged into the charger it finally turned with a push of the button. Battery was at 99%. I can't explain why but it seems to be working now.

FIX: Turn on the fast boot mode by pressing volume down and power button combination for about 5-7 seconds, then exit it using the same combination of buttons and the phone should boot up. Thanks to /u/Raych44 for finding the fix.

FIX 2: Hold the power button for around 13 seconds. This fix was provided by the official Poco representative. Hopefully it helps everyone!
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