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News was waiting for thousands. EFT 1.4.0 Crack
Crack works more efficiently than the same dongle.
He does not need the internet to work

العملاق EFT اخر اصدار كراك 1.4.3

Does not need a user name and password, just click Login in and the interface will open and you will be able to work on it with all its features.
Some brothers say they managed to unplug Huawei frp through the server and the work is busy.
Method of loading, installation and operation:
To download EFT Setup v1.4.3 from here
To download the crack file from here
The word decompression


We install EFT Setup v1.4.3 or 1.4.0 no difference.
Step 2 You must stop the anti-virus so that it does not interfere with the crack and delete some of its files.
We unzip the crack file and copy its content and paste its contents into the original dongle folder. If the computer is connected to the Internet or offline, there is no difference. Frakr does not need the internet except for the operations that require a server.
Then we run the Emu2 file to run as an administrator. A front will open with a picture of a tiger and a circle with the word "Start" and "checking for loder ... ok"
Wait until the interface is written
Execting emulator ... running
We leave the interface running and then go to the primary EFT folder and run the file
EFT Dongle V1.40.load
Run as administrator
We wait a little and open the EFT interface. Click Login without the need for a user name and password, and the EFT 1.4.0 interface will open and will work 100% with you
p 9912bipr1
Follow the explanation method in this video

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